Jennifer is a wife, mother, and now a graduate.

“Mentors International opened the doors to my personal progress. I never thought I would have the opportunity to be a student, let alone graduate. What a miracle!

I have grown professionally since finishing my course. Today I have a good job as a Sales Executive with a company called Argo Total, where I apply the principles from my lessons. In addition, I can help support my family as we are saving for the future.

I am very grateful for Mentors International and its programs. Their Keystone course taught me to look within myself. To become motivated, persevering, optimistic, and patient.”

Jennifer is a wife, mother, and now a graduate. A friend introduced her to Mentors International in Nicaragua. She was very interested in this organization that didn’t charge money for vocational courses.

She was very desirous of fulfilling her Service Currency requirement. She helped serve a family that lived nearby with a family member with a physical disability. As she served them, she felt this was an opportunity and an experience she would never forget. Serving brought her so much joy.

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