Maria has started to see positive results…

Maria worked as a teacher of children with special needs, however, she had to quit due to family needs. Needing to find a way to supplement her income she decided to start a business selling gifts and trimmings. She is a single mother and takes care of her parents.

Her situation was becoming very difficult because her small shop wasn’t making enough to provide for her family. Being a new business, she hadn’t gained enough customer support yet.

She is grateful for her MENTOR who helped her overcome her fears and begin to glimpse a better future.

Maria’s business was located near a school. It was her MENTOR who suggested that she get a photocopier and sell candy and other products that students might need or want.

Implementing the lessons from her MENTOR she is starting to save for a photocopier. She has learned how to invest back into her business. Her customer service skills have improved as she has learned to ask her customers what they need so that she can get ideas on what to start selling it at her little shop. Maria has started to see positive results, her sales are increasing little by little.

Maria now describes herself as a woman of goals, with a desire to move forward and to progress. During the mentoring process, she has been able to empower herself, strengthen her confidence, develop the habit of saving, while keeping her business and personal records neat and correct.

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