Finding Joy in Serving Others

Jessica always wanted to learn English. She knew that being able to speak English would open up the doors to more job opportunities. Jessica didn’t have the chance to receive additional schooling after attending a local secondary school. Today, as a single mother, she needed a better way to provide for her little daughter.

Jessica was excited when she learned about the English classes that Mentors International provides. She completed that course and is enrolled in our Sales and Customer Service course.

She is grateful for the opportunity to provide service to others. She helps with a volunteer group in their city called “Alto Trujillo.” They help distribute food to people in need, the elderly, and young people with disabilities. Often Jessica brings any extra food they can spare to help these families in greatest need.

Jessica’s mentor and teacher describes her as a very responsible woman and mother. She is honorable and has fulfilled more than the required 40 hours of service for each course. In addition, she is an active student participant. Eager to learn and with great enthusiasm offers to help other of her classmates.

“I feel happy and grateful for having been able to work with Mentors International. They have given me much. I am forever grateful for my instructors that helped me learn and understand English better. I have a greater desire to keep serving and sharing my knowledge with others. I now have the ability to make sure that my daughter receives the education that I never was able to have when I was younger.”

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