Shardreck is a farmer finding success!

Shardreck has become a leader and inspiration in his small village on the outskirts of Kasungu, Malawi. He is a diligent farmer who tends to his crops and livestock with care and precision. Recently, Shardreck decided to diversify his income stream by keeping bees. This was a wise move that has brought him additional income and more hope for the future.

With Mentors International’s help, Shardreck has learned modern farming practices that have increased his yield and income over the past ten months. According to Shardreck, he is now doing everything “the right way” in his business, thanks to the guidance of his mentor. Mentoring has opened up new possibilities for Shardreck and renewed his sense of purpose.

When the dry season hits during December, Shardreck’s honey production suffers due to the lack of flowers in his region. However, his mentor suggested planting fruit trees that blossom during the dry season. Shardreck followed this advice and is now tending to his fruit trees with great care and hopes that he will be able to achieve two honey harvests next year.

Before receiving mentoring from Mentors International, Shardreck was running his farming enterprise based on what he had learned from his father. However, now he is tracking his income and expenses for the first time in his life and making sure that he is getting a fair price for his produce and livestock. This newfound knowledge has empowered Shardreck and given him the confidence to succeed in his profession.

Shardreck is grateful to Mentors International for teaching him principles of self-reliance in his business and personal life that have helped him succeed in his challenging profession. He is a shining example of the power of hard work, hope, and inspiration. His story inspires others to pursue their dreams with passion and compassion no matter where they start.

In ten short months Shardreck went from making $40 a month to $250 a month!

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