“café la buena familia”

Jessica is a single mother with a 7-year-old girl named Briana. She works at her family’s business “café la buena familia”.

Jessica has been receiving mentoring and business training from Mentors International in Trujillo, Peru. She has also taken our Sales and Customer Service course.

Jessica has been applying the principles she has learned from her teachers and mentors and is pleased to see how her family’s business has grown over these last six months. She is paying better attention to her customers. Listening to their wants and getting their feedback on how she can improve what she is doing.

Not only is Jessica managing their business better, but she is managing her personal finances as well. Back in June, she started saving around $30 each month. It is now the end of the year and she has kept up this practice of saving monthly. Over the last 6 months, Jessica has almost doubled her income and makes around $300 a month.

On most weekends Jessica gets together with a group of friends who also are learning from Mentors International and they are serving the poorest of families at the Alto Trujillo Human Settlement. Jessica and her friends gather food and clothing from their community and take it to this settlement. They go early in the morning and prepare the donations and distribute them out to these families.

Jessica is very happy and grateful to Mentors International for providing her with an opportunity to improve her business and vocational skills. She feels like she can serve her customers better than ever before. She is also grateful for the motivation she receives from her instructor to keep setting goals and looking for ways to improve.

Jessica doesn’t have much, she feels like she has been greatly blessed this past year. She is appreciative of the opportunity to serve those that have even less than her.

Jessica gives thanks to all of the staff with Mentors International and all of the donors for their great love of the students. Because of their support they can achieve sustainable self-sufficiency.

Jessica’s mentor Hector describes her as a very charismatic student with a great love for her neighbors. She puts a lot of desire into her learning and puts the lessons into practice with her clients at her cafeteria every day. Jessica is attentive, motivating her classmates to study and to serve her community, especially families with even fewer economic resources.

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