Judy with her family

Residing in Venezuela with her husband and three teenagers, Judy found herself at a crossroads, compelled to reinvent herself due to the collapse of the public sector where she had previously worked. Discovering Mentors International and their online vocational training brought excitement and hope. Despite the challenges posed by Venezuela’s political turmoil, Mentors International’s branch in Peru extended a lifeline to individuals like Judy, offering vital opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Enrolling in our online English language courses, Judy showed dedication, working diligently to enhance her job prospects. Today, she runs her own business using an online learning platform, teaching Spanish to eager learners. The English training provided by Mentors International served as a catalyst, opening doors to new job opportunities. Additionally, Judy attributes her success to the Keystone Personal Development course, which equipped her with invaluable time management skills, enabling her to maximize productivity and ensuring she is present and online when teaching her students to speak Spanish.

Today, Judy utilizes an online learning platform where she is able to run her own business, teaching people how to speak Spanish. The English training from Mentors International opened the door for this new revenue stream. Judy tripled her previous income and now makes about $300 USD.

Judy feels like the Keystone Personal Development course, where she was taught better time management skills, was instrumental in her success. She is now better organized with her time to accomplish more and ensure she is present and online when teaching her students to speak Spanish.

Grateful for the patience and encouragement she received from her English and Keystone teachers at Mentors International. Judy strives to emulate these qualities in her teaching practices, developing a supportive learning environment for her students. With aspirations to one day become a job coach and assist others in finding better jobs, Judy draws from her own experiences, understanding firsthand the challenges of starting over. She firmly believes in the transformative power of mentorship, recognizing it as a cornerstone for achieving personal and professional fulfillment.

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