I consider service the best way to pay for the courses we take.

Luis is taking the Basic English course offered by Mentors International with the aim of securing a higher-paying job to provide for his wife and three children.

In his community, Luis spearheaded a service project that involved installing a well for a family that had no access to safe drinking water. He and his neighbors worked tirelessly for more than 50 hours to complete the project.

Thanks to Luis’ leadership and the support of the community, the family now has easy access to clean drinking water, and they are extremely grateful for everyone’s efforts. The project has saved this family from the burden of walking long distances to fetch water.

Luis shared with us, “It was a difficult task to make the well. First, we had to locate where it was going to be excavated to find the water. With help from other people, we managed to find the right place and find water. Seeing the faces of the family when they finally had water in their house was a huge satisfaction. That was priceless. I can only imagine the hours of work that are saved by having access to water. We hope that next this family can have a pump to be able to remove the water more easily and thus reducing their labor even more. I thank Mentors International for motivating us to provide service to our community and our neighbors. I consider this the best way to pay for the courses we take.”

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