Blanca teaches us that there are no limitations.

Blanca grew up in a small village in Guatemala as one of seven children. Her father worked tirelessly as a farmer to provide for the family, while her mother dedicated herself to household duties and raising the children. Unfortunately, due to their financial situation, Blanca and her siblings were unable to attend school.

Despite the difficulties, Blanca’s mother secretly worked for neighbors to make ends meet, while Blanca as the oldest daughter, stayed home to watch over her siblings and help with chores. It was not until a neighbor informed her of a cleaning job at a nearby school that Blanca saw an opportunity to earn additional income. Her mother gave approval, and Blanca worked hard cleaning the school. Blanca shares that she would have liked to have had the opportunity to go to school, but she is very proud of the fact that she was able to support three of her siblings in their education. Two graduated from high school, and one brother is a teacher today.

Today, Blanca is grateful for her struggles and proud of what she has accomplished. She is happily married with three children, all of whom are attending school. Her husband works as a farm administrator while Blanca grows potatoes on her inherited cuerta of land (40X40 yards) and sells them for a profit.

Blanca’s sister introduced her to Mentors International. Blanca is grateful to her mentor, who has taught her valuable business skills. She has learned to utilize her land more efficiently, research the going rate for produce, and manage her personal and business finances more responsibly. Blanca is also grateful for a husband that supports her. He is proud of her and all the progress she has made growing her business.

The financial literacy lessons from Mentors International have been the greatest blessing. Blanca and her husband manage their money more responsibly and make sure they have enough to pay for their children’s education. Together Blanca and her husband have now saved $526 USD so that they can be prepared if an unexpected expense comes their way. Blanca is proud that she can give more to her children than she had.

Blanca’s perseverance and determination are a true inspiration. She has overcome limitations and has shown that hard work and dedication can lead to success. Her story is a reminder that even in difficult times, there is always hope and compassion.

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