Alison wants to be a resource for entrepreneurs in her country of Nicaragua.

Alison is taking the digital marketing vocational course from Mentors International in Nicaragua. She feels that this course is providing her with the confidence to pursue a career in marketing. The best part is that this course is virtual. She is able to work during the day, and log into the course from her phone or computer in the evening.

Alison shared, “This course taught me new content and helped me learn feasible strategies that I can implement. I learned how to create a community with followers. I have learned new topics, appropriate terms in this marketing field, and, most importantly, the principles I put into practice. Without a doubt, this course has allowed me to expand my knowledge and consider some ideas that I can offer in the future to meet my goal of entrepreneurship.”

“I am growing personally and professionally. Mentors International is allowing me to discover myself and my love of learning. The self-reliance principles combined with the encouragement from my teacher are helping me make great progress.”

Paying it forward, Alison performed her service by helping small business owners with their marketing. She gained valuable real-life marketing skills as she gave her time and talents to promote and advertise for some entrepreneurs receiving business training from Mentors International. This was a win-win for everyone involved.

Alison’s teacher describes her as a young woman with vision and determination.

“I hope that Alison’s dreams can be fulfilled. I know that the goals she has set will contribute to helping her define her life’s purposes and have a life map that allows her to achieve self-sufficiency.” – Ana Gabriela, Teacher for Mentors International

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