Maria’s income multiplied fivefold

María grew up in extreme poverty, where her family struggled just to put food on the table. At the young age of eight, she bravely joined her mother in the arduous task of selling watermelon and rice pudding, an experience that instilled in her the profound value of hard work.

As time passed, María got married and started a family. However, she faced a difficult challenge during her first pregnancy—there was no one available to care for her daughter while she pursued work, and her husband remained unemployed. Faced with limited resources, María courageously decided to start her own business, aiming to find a solution to this predicament. Although this business brought in some income, it was far from sufficient. María lacked for the knowledge and skills required to grow her business and set meaningful goals.

María’s brother introduced her to Mentors International, which started Maria on a new path. Filled with renewed hope, she scheduled an appointment with a mentor, eager to explore the possibilities before her. The mentor attentively assessed María’s business and took the time to understand her deepest aspirations and dreams.

Motivated by her newfound partnership, María enrolled in Mentors International’s transformative online Sales and Customer Service course. Through this program, she acquired a wealth of sales techniques and honed her business management skills. Additionally, the Keystone Personal Development course provided her with the unwavering confidence and an unwavering sense of hope required to persist in her journey.

In less than a year, María’s dedication gave remarkable results. Her income multiplied fivefold, a testament to her unwavering determination and the invaluable support she received. With each passing day, María’s entrepreneurial spirit continues to radiate hope and compassion, inspiring those around her to embrace their own potential for growth and transformation.

“The most important thing I have learned from Mentors International is that every business can grow and meet its goals. Before, I had no savings, thanks to God and the teachings of Mentors, I have a savings account, and I don’t have any debts. Thanks to the assistance of Mentors International, I now feel that I can manage my business. I thank all the donors who make it possible for these programs to be available to us to help us become self-sufficient.” – Maria

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