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Last week, our operations had the honor of welcoming the National Director of Social Rehabilitation for Cape Verde. Their visit was met with enthusiasm as they eagerly sought to learn more about the remarkable work being carried out by Mentors International. Filled with anticipation, they expressed a strong desire to cultivate a stronger partnership aimed at providing crucial assistance to individuals transitioning from incarceration. Recognizing the challenges faced by these individuals, who often lack direction and feel lost, Mentors International stands ready to offer a lifeline in the form of guidance, vocational training, and unwavering mentorship. Together, we lift these individuals out of poverty and empower them to create a brighter future.

We are currently assisting two business mentees who left prison six months ago. With support and mentoring, we are helping them navigate the path of entrepreneurship, enabling them to establish their own businesses. Additionally, we are proud to share the story of another former inmate who has chosen to pursue English language studies at our center. Equipping themselves with this valuable skill, they aim to enhance their prospects and secure better-paying employment opportunities.

At Mentors International, our unwavering commitment lies in helping individuals work their way out of poverty with dignity and respect. By providing a hand up, we not only uplift the lives of those we directly mentor but also contribute to the overall improvement of communities at large. Our belief in the transformative power of compassion and guidance drives us forward as we work towards a future where everyone can thrive.

Join us on this journey of hope and compassion as we strive to create a world where individuals leaving incarceration can find their path, achieve sustainable livelihoods, and actively contribute to the betterment of society. Together, we can make a lasting impact and bring positive change to communities worldwide.

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Through our proven programs of personal and business development, each $1 donated creates $5 of economic impact in developing countries where we serve.

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