Paying it Forward through Service

Katy is currently attending the Graphic Design course offered by Mentors International, and she runs a small business selling clothing. She also possesses sewing skills and enjoys making clothing alterations for additional income.

Recently, heavy rains caused significant damage to the school near Katy’s house. Numerous classrooms and tables were affected. Recognizing the urgency, Katy, her husband, and a group of fellow students from Mentors International stepped forward to lend a helping hand. Together, they dedicated their time and effort to painting the tables and walls, ensuring that the school would be ready for another school year.

Grateful for the opportunity to give back, Katy deeply understands the value of education, thanks in part to the opportunities provided by Mentors International. She finds immense satisfaction in knowing that her daughter and other children in their community will now have the chance to attend a newly refurbished school.

Reflecting on her journey, Katy shares that Mentors International entered her life when she needed it the most. Previously, she had felt frustrated and stagnant, but through the guidance and support of this incredible organization, her perspective transformed. She has learned the importance of perseverance and the realization that dreams can be achieved through hard work and discipline. Moreover, she embraces the mantra that it’s never too late to learn something new and that a positive outlook is vital in navigating life’s challenges.

Filled with gratitude, Katy cherishes the opportunity to be a part of Mentors International, a remarkable organization that has profoundly impacted her life.

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