Mercedes has overcome many challenges and grown her business

With hope and optimism, her mentor speaks highly of Mercedes, describing her as a shining example of discipline, exceptional management skills, and a trustworthy businesswoman. Despite selling only small electrical hair appliances, Mercedes has shown great ambition by setting her sights on one day building her own store and expanding her product line to include all kinds of beauty products.

Mercedes knows that she has a lot of potential, but she is also aware of the challenges that come with starting a business. Nevertheless, she remains optimistic, knowing that with the help of Mentors International, she can overcome any obstacles in her path. She recently attended courses on how to do nail manicures.

Despite the financial difficulties faced by many in Honduras in recent years, Mercedes has managed to increase her income from a meager $70 a month to an impressive $400. She has also managed to save up $120, an impressive feat for someone who started with nothing.

Mercedes takes great pride in her honesty, and she strives to be known for it. She has never missed a single payment on her micro-loans, and she continues to work hard to achieve her dreams. With her tenacity and positive outlook, Mercedes is an inspiration to us all.

“As you can see, I have a lot of products that need to be shown, but I don’t have a place to display them yet.  I know that with help from Mentors International, I can accomplish anything. Thank you for being so supportive, for your trust, for being so kind to me when I needed it most.” – Mercedes

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