Sopheap gained valuable skills that has improved his employability

Sopheap’s upbringing was filled with hardships and financial struggles. With six siblings and a father who passed away when he was only eight, his family faced daily challenges, including food insecurity and limited access to education. However, through a co-worker’s recommendation, Sopheap discovered Mentors International and the vocational courses we offer. The fact that these classes are provided free of charge was a tremendous blessing for him and his family, as he still lived at home and contributed financially to support his mother.

Sopheap worked hard to attend classes during the day and then worked additional hours in the evenings. He successfully completed the Sales and Customer Service course and is now pursuing the Video Editing course, gaining valuable skills that have improved his employability.

Before joining Mentors International, Sopheap often felt like opportunities never came his way. He lacked confidence and was hesitant to make decisions. Despite his low income and high expenses, he persevered with hope and determination. Through Mentors International’s Keystone Personal Development Course, he has gained invaluable personal skills, including better time management and personal budgeting. These skills have helped him double his monthly income and start a savings account.

Sopheap’s story is one of hope and compassion. Despite his difficult circumstances, he found the support and resources he needed to improve himself and his prospects. Mentors International strives to help individuals like Sopheap overcome their challenges and achieve their full potential.

Sopheap said, “I’m so happy and full of appreciation to Mentors International in Cambodia. These courses inspired me and my fellow classmates to become dedicated, to work hard, and to develop a life plan associated with my goals.”

Sopheap has almost doubled his income since he first started learning from Mentors International. He is looking forward to finishing the Video Editing course so that he can take on more free-lance work and increase his income even more.

Sophoep participated in many of the group service projects with his classmates. Sopheap shared, “I like doing community service so much. It makes me happy and brings peace to my heart. I was able to contribute my part in helping my community and to set a good example for other people as well.

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