“I can do this! I am becoming a successful businesswoman.” – Mercedes

When our volunteer MENTOR Hazel first met Mercedes, she was struggling to run her little tienda in the front of her home. Mercedes was also burdened by lots of personal debt from other lending institutions that were charging her very high-interest rates. With her daughter and two grandchildren all living with her there were many depending on her income.

Hazel has been MENTORING Mercedes and helping her to understand how important it is to pay off her personal debt, manage her spending, and track her inventory. With so many family members around, often times when someone was hungry they would just eat off of the shelves from her store. That was negatively affecting her business. When people came in to purchase something she would be out because it had been eaten.

Hazel learned proper business skills by attending our Learning and Mentoring Center in Nicaragua. She completing our mentoring course so that she could PAY IT FORWARD and share her knowledge with others in her community.

Hazel really listens to Mercedes’s concerns and struggles. Hazel too runs her own business so she knows the challenges of their community in Managua, Nicaragua. From personal experience, Hazel knows how important MENTORING is when trying to help others become self-reliant.

This month Mercedes is ready to pay off one of her loans, and she plans on paying off her second loan in April. Mercedes is making meaningful progress.

Thanks to our generous global community our MENTORING, training, and financial solutions programs are available for people like Mercedes and Hazel as they are achieving sustainable self-reliance.

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Through our proven programs of personal and business development, each $1 donated creates $5 of economic impact in developing countries where we serve.

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