Today she is saving for the future.

Nelly owns a business selling handbags, belts, and accessories for women. Because of the pandemic, her sales were meager. She was getting very discouraged. She didn’t have a plan for business growth, and she didn’t even know where to start. She kept some business records but didn’t know what to do with them or how to learn from them to improve her business.

Then a friend at her church told her about Mentors International and the courses that they provide. Nelly completed the Business Mentoring course and the Keystone Personal Development course from Mentors International. She also completed all of her 40 hours of service. Nelly was a model student and didn’t miss one class applying the lessons personally and professionally.

Nelly shared with us that she could replace negative feelings with positive thoughts and a positive attitude because of the mentoring she received. Nelly feels that the Keystone course provided her with the necessary tools to reinvent herself. She now has the confidence to take on challenges when they arise.

Her mentor, Jesus, worked with her one-on-one to keep better business records. Nelly learned how to manage inventory better and rotate her stock. She learned cross-selling strategies to sell more to her current clients. She started listening to her clients and focusing on providing for their needs and wants.

Nelly has assigned herself a salary from her business income, and she has budgeted funds to go towards business improvements thanks to the principles taught by her mentor. As a result, she has almost doubled her income to about $700 a month AND is saving for the future. Before, Nelly didn’t have much savings and was always using them. TODAY she has $300 in savings.

Nelly says that she has infinite gratitude towards Mentors International and their teachers and Mentors. “I am not the same as before, I can say that I am better thanks to Mentors International.”

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