Ana is the Boss

Ana is breaking barriers. She is working in a business that is mostly run by men, and ever better… SHE IS THE BOSS.

Right before the pandemic hit Ana got divorced from her husband. She was challenged with finding a way to provide for her children. After the pandemic hit, businesses shut down, and things got really difficult. She didn’t know what to do or where to turn.

A friend taught her how to install security cameras and Ana was quick to learn. Soon she had acquired enough on-the-job training that she started working her own jobs. Ana started her business by borrowing ladders and tools.

When she learned about Mentors International and the online classes that we offered it was perfect for her situation. She could keep an eye on her children while attending the classes. They also had classes at night that worked with her schedule. She completed our Sales and Customer Service class.

Ana feels that the customer service skills she gained during this class were the most valuable. She has learned how to really listen to her customers and to help find solutions that meet their needs. She was motivated after completing her training to keep learning and expanding her business.

She paid for additional training on different types of products so that she can install more types of security cameras. She now has a competitive advantage when it comes to installing security cameras because she is now an expert in her area. She installs cameras in homes of all sizes and businesses.

Today she owns her own ladder and tools. She even has a vehicle.

During this worldwide pandemic, Ana’s business is growing. She was once earning about $250 USD a month and today she is more than doubling that. Ana knows that through her hard work ethic, and with the support of Mentors International she has become a successful businesswoman and boss.

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