Working from Poverty to Greater Prosperity

As a student, Peter consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic. After graduation, his plan was to pursue graphic and design classes. However, a surprising opportunity came his way when he landed a job at Central Poultry, one of Malawi’s largest poultry companies, with just his Microsoft Suite certificate.

Peter now works as a data entry clerk, earning a monthly salary of $110. With this income, he moved out of his parent’s home and now lives close to his workplace to reduce transportation costs and increase savings. His outstanding performance at work led to his contract being extended from 6 months to a full year.

Peter’s ultimate goal is to save enough money to purchase a personal computer. He aspires to enroll in online courses to further his education.

He shared his thoughts, saying, “I feel like my eyes are opened for the first time. I finally see the value of education. I am committed to keep learning. I tell everyone I know to get involved with Mentors International. They are the best organization, and they genuinely care about you.” Peter’s determination and gratitude for the opportunities he’s received are truly inspiring.

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