Shamim’s dedication to giving her daughters a better life.

Shamim is a single mother raising two daughters, bearing the sole responsibility for their well-being. Due to financial constraints, one daughter lived with Shamim, while the other stayed with her grandmother in a neighboring town.

Shamim embarked on a transformative journey by enrolling in the Mentors International Sales and Customer Service course in Malawi. She exhibited incredible resourcefulness, selling homemade triangle-shaped donuts called Mandasi before and after her classes, catering to students and passersby.

Today, Shamim has successfully completed the course and is diligently working on expanding her business. No longer operating from her home, she has secured a small shop in a prime location at a nearby market. During a recent mentor visit, they marveled at the cleanliness and organization of her shop.

The most heartwarming part of Shamim’s story. Both her daughters now live with her, filling her heart with immeasurable joy.

Shamim expresses profound gratitude for the valuable lessons she learned from Mentors International. This transformation has not only changed her life but also the lives of her daughters, setting them on a path to a brighter future.

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