Updates From the Field

The most recent quarter has been characterized by continued innovations in virtual mentoring and training as our field teams have grappled with a continuation of Government restrictions. All of our physical facilities remain closed and group training and mentoring sessions are still not allowed in most areas.

Notwithstanding these challenges, our dedicated field teams remain completely FOCUSED on SUPPORTING the communities in which we serve. Thanks to modern technology our MENTORS are actively managing these critical client relationships through email, phone, text, social media, and one-on-one socially-distanced mentoring.

While we may be physically distant, we are staying fully engaged and connected.

Even as COVID-19 infection counts continue to rise in most locations, we are beginning to see some signs of stabilization, as countries and communities discover the proper balance between keeping doors open and ensuring the safety of their populations.

We continue to hold daily and weekly video training and planning calls with our in-country directors and staff. Together, we share innovative ideas and collaborate on best practices as we seek to guide each of our clients to a great outcome. We also continue to invest in the development of world-class online resources, providing access to an increasingly powerful complement of training and microcredit opportunities.

As we continue to navigate through these unprecedented times, we are fully committed to ensuring that no one is left behind and that every individual not only survives but comes out on the other side of this pandemic STRONGER THAN BEFORE.

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Through our proven programs of personal and business development, each $1 donated creates $5 of economic impact in developing countries where we serve.

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