“Mentors International came into my life when I needed them the most.”

Rosalba worked part-time, for meager pay as an educational promoter in her small town in the Yucatan. When she heard about Mentors International coming to her village, she investigated further and was eager to start receiving mentoring.

Rosalba didn’t have her own business yet, and since her resources were limited, she started selling homemade sweets because of the advice from her mentor. Rosalba was very determined to implement the business principles she was being taught. Slowly her income began to increase, and she was making around $18 USD a month.

She invested part of her profits into her business to help it grow. Rosalba also applied these self-reliance lessons in her business and her family’s finances. She started a saving account for the first time in her life. This savings became a blessing when she lost her job because the program she was working for was discontinued, and then her husband also lost his job.

Rosalba continued to attend her mentoring lessons and sell her sweets. Finally, after about a month without jobs, Rosalba and her husband both were able to find new jobs. Before she started working with Mentors International, Rosalba was making around $100 a month, and today she is making about $500.

Rosalba feels like her family can spend more quality time together. They are still working their small side business, and now her two children help after school.

Rosalba is grateful for her mentor, that helped get their family through such a difficult time. Rosalba continues with her goals to become more financially independent and still runs her side business. Thanks to the mentoring, she feels grateful for the changes she has made in her personal life. They helped her make the necessary changes to progress further together with her family.

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