Salifu with her Mentor Emmanuel

Salifu, is an inspiring and industrious woman from the rural region of Northern Ghana. Juggling the responsibilities of caring for her seven children and two grandchildren, she and her husband relied on farming as their main source of income. However, this occupation presented numerous challenges, with unpredictable weather and other uncontrollable factors often undermining their earnings. As a result, providing nutritious meals for their family became a constant struggle.

Fortunately, Salifu’s eldest daughter, Zanab, came across Mentors International and the transformative business training we provide. Motivated by the prospect of empowering her mother, Zanab encouraged Salifu to attend the group village meetings where valuable lessons were shared. Eagerly absorbing the knowledge, Salifu then took the bold step of applying for her first micro-loan—an amount of just $43 USD. With her knowledge of shea butter production, taught by her parents, she invested the funds into launching her own shea butter business.

Thanks to the money management lessons from Mentors International, Salifu reinvested her profits into expanding her business and began selling her products at local markets. Once burdened by debt, she now stands debt-free. Given the absence of financial institutions near her village, saving money was a challenge for Salifu and her community. However, the introduction of Mentors International’s savings box program revolutionized their circumstances, enabling Salifu to set aside approximately $7 each month.

Grateful for the positive changes in her life, Salifu rejoices in the fact that her children and grandchildren now have access to education, and her family can afford nutritious meals. Filled with hope for a brighter future, she envisions her children and grandchildren embracing new opportunities with confidence and optimism. Salifu’s journey is an inspiration, showcasing the transformative power of determination, education, and MENTORING.

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