Emmanuel shared with us,” Mentors International is the best organization I have come to know!”

Emmanuel Agbozo has been working as a business mentor for Mentors International in Ghana since 2019. He serves in the rural regions of Tamale in Northern Ghana.

Emmanuel shared with us,” Mentors International is the best organization I have come to know. This is because our programs are specifically designed and targeted to help the rural poor to become sustainably self-reliant. Mentors International is the preferred choice throughout the Tamale region. One of the best things about Mentors International is that it does not discriminate against race, culture, tradition, or religion. The impact of our programs on the rural poor is incredible.”

Our tailored programs are targeted specifically at the rural poor are the best of their kind. Our specialized Mentoring Program, Business Success Principles lessons, Micro Credit Program, Group Savings Program, and most recently, our Self-Help project initiative has proven to put our mentees on the path of becoming sustainably self-reliant.

I am grateful to be part of these life-changing experiences. My dream is to see a lot more families smile because of our programs in Ghana. It is also to see the expansion of Mentors International to a lot more African countries where extreme poverty is affecting many families.”

Emmanuel leads a bustling and loving household. He married Lydia Agbozo in March 2015, and their family is full of joy. Their four children, Eva (eight years old), Sam-Arnold (four years old), and the adorable twins Gabriel Dzifa and Gabriella Dzidzor (just four months old), keep them busy and bring immense happiness. Additionally, Emmanuel and his wife lovingly care for their twelve-year-old niece, Linda.

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