Shaada is a tenacious and diligent businesswoman

“Thank you, Mentors International, for the training and financial support given to my family and me. I can now feed my family with nutritious food and support to pay for our children’s school fees.” Shaada

Shaada, a devoted mother of six, is a tenacious and diligent businesswoman who sells bulk dried food items in the Northern Region of Ghana. Initially, she was earning a mere $7 USD profit every week before she received guidance and coaching from Mentors International. Upon her friend’s recommendation, she began attending the group business training sessions held in her village.

Shaada attributes her success to the valuable lessons she learned from Mentors International, which include time management, commitment, recordkeeping, savings, self-reliance, and principles of business prosperity.

After she completed her Mentors International training, Shaada applied and qualified for a micro-loan of around $80 USD, which she utilized to develop her business. Within two months, she had raised her weekly income to roughly $55 USD, and she had also initiated a personal savings account, where she has amassed $21 USD.

Shaada is grateful to Mentors International for the support that has aided her in realizing her entrepreneurial potential.

Her mentor Sumani, said this about Shaada. “She is a hard working woman with can do attitude, I believe in Shaada and I trust that she will not fail in her business.”

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