Silvia serves as our Business Mentoring Director in Nicaragua

For six years, Silvia Elena Leytón López has been a part of Mentors International, beginning as a student before being hired on as an English Teacher. She continued to pursue her education, ultimately earning a promotion to Academic Director of Mentors International in Nicaragua, and currently serves as the Director of Mentoring.

Silvia’s lifelong dream has been to work with entrepreneurs, and she finds joy in aiding individuals through the process of developing their businesses. Witnessing others progress toward greater self-sufficiency is a passion of hers, and mentoring allows her to observe individuals overcome their fears and expand their mindsets. Silvia is especially fond of seeing women gain knowledge and tools that empower them to become leaders within their communities.

Growing up in a family with limited resources, Silvia began working at a young age to help her family, including her five younger sisters and one with special needs. Education has always been crucial to her, and she is grateful for the opportunity to work for Mentors International, which allowed her to pay for her own studies. Silvia knew that education could enable her to break the cycle of poverty and provide assistance to her family.

Silvia’s favorite dessert is vanilla ice cream with caramel brand Dos Espinos.

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