Mentoring is the key to changing the circumstance of individuals living in poverty.

Martha is a remarkable woman who has inspired her children, her community, and our mentors with her incredible story. As a loving and dedicated mother from Nicaragua, Martha has faced numerous challenges but has always persevered with unwavering determination.

One of Martha’s proudest accomplishments is her pottery store, “Creaciones Sharito,” which she named after her daughter, who has special needs. Starting with just a few pots that she painted and sold, Martha has now built a thriving business that serves her community and brings joy to her customers.

After only a few months of mentoring Martha had written her first business plan and is implementing it. She learned the importance of establishing a business brand, and making herself known with marketing, signs, and utilizing social media. Martha realized the importance of keeping track of revenue and expenses. She put into practice the habit of savings.

Martha set a business goal of saving $300 USD to invest in improvements to the look of her store.

Martha is humble and grateful for the guidance and support she has received along the way. Her mentor has played an instrumental role in helping her develop her skills and grow her business, and she is eager to share her knowledge with others in her community.

Martha shared with us, “I am very grateful to Mentors International for giving me the opportunity to participate in the Mentoring program, I have really learned many important principles from my Mentor in the area of Mentoring and Keystone that have helped me put them into practice in my business, Thanks to you I now feel that I am able to manage my business, I thank all the donors who make it possible for these programs to exist to help us become more self-reliant.”

We are happy to report that Martha met her goal and has been making improvements and painting the walls of her pottery shop. Her customers have noticed the difference in her store and are telling others. Business is increasing and Martha has more than doubled her income from $40 a month to $100 a month.

Martha’s passion and dedication are truly inspiring, and we are honored to know her. She is a shining example of what can be achieved with hard work, perseverance, and a heart full of compassion.

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