“We need to find strength during challenging times and stay positive.”

When Hurricane Eta hit and began flooding their home, Rene frantically tried to salvage their eight sewing machines by placing mortar blocks underneath them. However, he was so focused on saving the machines that he didn’t realize the severity of the rising water and had to abandon everything to save his life. They lost everything, including sewing machines, fabrics, finished goods, and even their refrigerator. They were fortunate to have a relative who offered them a place to stay, but three weeks later they had to evacuate again due to Hurricane Iota.

Despite the setbacks, Rene and Martha started over with just two machines and slowly rebuilt their business. They worked hard to repair the damaged equipment and rented a safer location in downtown. However, it was not easy to restart their business after experiencing two hurricanes and during pandemic shutdowns. It required a great deal of effort and perseverance.

“We’ve had bad days, but we have not given up. We are still here and will continue moving forward. God has helped us! We are very grateful to Mentors International for their support. They have helped us so much, and they have been very patient and supportive. We received a small micro-loan and bought more fabric and thread to help restart our business. We love our Mentor Sammy as a brother.”

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