Berenice’s journey hasn’t been easy.

Berenice is a remarkable artisan who has built a thriving business making paper flowers and decorations for weddings and events in Mexico. Her artistic talent and determination have brought her success despite facing challenges in her personal life. As a mother of three children and someone who lives with epilepsy, Berenice’s strength and resilience are truly inspiring.

Berenice’s recent commission was to decorate a tree that is now on display at the airport is a testament to her growing reputation as an artist. She has also expanded her business by weaving hammocks from recycled materials, which has opened up new opportunities for her.

Berenice’s journey hasn’t been easy. Two years ago, she and her family lost everything due to flooding, but they refused to give up. They kept working hard to provide for their children and never lost hope. With the help of Mentors International in Mexico, Berenice has been able to receive personalized business mentoring that has helped her improve her craft and her business’ reputation. Her mentor encouraged her to start using social media to promote her crafts, and guided her on improving her business plan, marketing strategies, and pricing. She went from making $150 a month to making over $800 a month.

Thanks to the guidance of her mentor, Berenice’s business has grown beyond local sales and artisans’ markets. She now receives orders from other municipalities, and she has been able to hire three additional employees to help with the workload. With the savings that she and her husband have accumulated, they were able to purchase a motorcycle and cart to transport their products more efficiently.

Berenice’s success has had a positive impact on her entire family. She has started involving her eldest son in the business, teaching him how to weave. They have also set goals to improve their personal spending habits and increase their savings.

Berenice’s story is a testament to the power of hope, hard work, and caring. Her journey shows that even in the face of adversity, success is possible with the right support and determination.

Berenice shares with us, “Thanks to Mentors International and the lessons we have received we can now better manage our household. God blesses us, and we do not lack work. I have achieved successes that we did not imagine possible. Before, I would carry all of my products by hand, door to door. It was very tiresome. Then we were able to buy a motorcycle and a simple cart that helps us transport our products. We are very grateful. I don’t do everything anymore; now I pay employees to cut or stick the flowers. My health is improving, and I have more time to dedicate to our children.”

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