End poverty in all its forms everywhere.

This goal established by the United Nations is to eradicate extreme poverty for all people everywhere, currently measured as people living on less than $1.25 a day. At Mentors International, we are actively focusing our efforts on ending all forms of poverty, fighting inequalities, and providing the educational and mentoring resources aimed at achieving maintainable self-sufficiency.

The U.N. estimates that around 780 million people live in extreme poverty today. With little education and even fewer opportunities, these families find themselves trapped in a cycle of poverty that has lasted for generations. At Mentors International, we know that people aren’t looking for a handout. They want to work and provide the best they can for their families. These hard-working people just need a hand up to get them started on their journey.

Our proven personal and business mentoring programs, assisted by our micro-loans provide this hand up and have impacted over 4.9 million people since 1990. As families work with Mentors International, they grow in greater self-reliance, and become able to:

  • Send their children to school
  • Afford to eat nutritious meals
  • Build better homes
  • Save for the future

Read some of their success stories.

At Mentors International, daily our team of mentors are working on helping achieve the U.N.’s first Sustainable Development Goal of ending poverty in all its forms everywhere with long-term, measurable results.

See what we were able to accomplish last year alone: Impact Report

We invite you to join us in ending extreme poverty by donating to our mentoring and business training programs, micro-loan fund, and getting involved with our mission.

Learn more about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Help us Transform Generational Poverty
into Sustainable Self-Reliance

Through our proven programs of personal and business development, each $1 donated creates $5 of economic impact in developing countries where we serve.

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