Hayford Kofi has been working with the SEED interns as their translator in Ghana. He speaks four languages and is an innovative entrepreneur. Hayford sews, alters, and sells clothes. He was going to rent a place to set up his own shop, unfortunately, another lady bought the place he originally wanted. Hayford could have gotten discouraged and given up. But he knew that his clothes were finely made and that his business plan was well thought out. With the help and encouragement from his mentors, he kept looking for another place to set up shop.

Hayford later found a place to set up his sewing business in another much busier location with very few competitors. In order to afford the rent for his new place – for four months – he worked as a translator, sewed out his mother’s mud hut, and finally took a small loan from Mentors Ghana. Last week he was able to make the down payment on his new shop.

These are the pictures of the day he moved into his new shop. Hayford paid for the year’s rent upfront.

“I hired his services immediately to reduce the size of my white shirts so they wouldn’t be so baggy. This his guy has been incredible!” – Wayne, USU SEED Intern

Hayford is another example of the “never give up” attitude of many of the entrepreneurs that we serve. Life hasn’t always been easy. There are many challenges and obstacles for those trapped in the cycle of poverty but today that is changing. With a hand up, instead of a hand out Hayford and thousands of others have their opportunity to start and grow their own business. It is such a blessing to watch the transformation in the lives of these entrepreneurs.

Thank you for your support. Without generous donations our mentoring and business programs, partners with the financial solutions of small loans would never be possible.

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