Amnia makes the best doughnuts in her village located in the Northern Region of Tamale, Ghana. Before working with Mentors International in Ghana she was only able to afford two sacks of flour each day to make her doughnuts to sell. After the business training and MENTORING from Mentors International, she was eager and ready to expand. She used her micro-loan to purchase additional supplies to make her doughnuts. With more doughnuts to sell, her profits increased. In less than a year her business now employs four additional people. She starts each day using five bags of flour for her doughnuts, instead of just two. Amnia revealed to us that her special ingredient that makes her doughnuts better than the others is nutmeg.

Word has spread and now people from many different communities come to her to purchase her doughnuts and she doesn’t have to travel to the market. Amnia and her employees are making over 400 doughnuts each day. “Thank you Mentors International for your support. My family has been greatly blessed.”

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