My dream was always to expand the idea of ​​my business and to provide better service.

“My dream was always to expand the idea of ​​my business and to provide better service. This involved making an investment in my business, working harder, and managing my finances. It was difficult at times, but I am starting to see sustainable growth in my business.” – Douglas from Nicaragua.

Douglas is a loving father and husband with two children. Since he was young, Douglas was always interested in cars and motorcycles. He wanted to start a business that was of interest to him. There was a small unoccupied area by the side of his house. He started using that space to wash motorcycles.

Douglas named his business “Autolavado Dilan”, which is named after his 7-year-old son. He wanted to improve and grow his motorcycle wash area so that he could wash cars too.

In his words,

“Eight months ago, I met Mentors International through a referral from a friend, and I was assigned a mentor named Carlos. Today I consider him not only my mentor but a true friend.

He helped me understand the legal procedures for establishing a car wash. This became my first goal, to legally register my business.

During some of my first business lessons, Carlos helped me identify weaknesses regarding my business and provided solutions and ideas on how to improve. My mentor helped me create a daily savings plan. I put a small amount of my income aside every day. I used these funds to purchase and install a cement floor.

Today this fills me with great satisfaction because that goal I set, is now a reality! I am developing more goals and looking for ways to improve continually.

After applying these business lessons, I saw my business improving. I was able to pay off my personal debts. I feel like I am a better father and husband. I am not as worried about how I will be able to take care of my family.

I am very grateful to Mentor International for all the assistance I have received and its programs that provide training and support to all entrepreneurs. Thanks to my Mentor Carlos, for his help and dedication

With all of my heart, I say thank you to the kind people who have given their funds so that Mentors International can help our communities in Nicaragua.

“Douglas has always been a dreamer and with a desire to see his business progress. Small business mentoring helped him find that direction to set his goals. Thanks to his discipline, he has managed to succeed, and his business is on the right track.” – Carlos, his mentor.

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