Despite his battle with Muscular Dystrophy, Douglas is a remarkable entrepreneur who refuses to let adversity hinder his efforts to improve his daughter Abigail’s life. Witness his inspiring story.

In the beginning, Douglas encountered numerous obstacles in funding Abigail’s education expenses, including tuition fees and enrollment costs, as well as purchasing a sewing machine for her apprenticeship. Seeking guidance, he turned to his mentors, who steadfastly supported him and extended small loans, enabling Douglas to expand his humble shop and afford Abigail’s schooling.

As Douglas made progress, his dedication and determination captivated the entire Mentors International team in Ghana. In a heartwarming gesture, they collectively purchased a sewing machine for Abigail, ensuring she could continue and successfully complete her sewing apprenticeship.

With Abigail’s graduation from the apprenticeship, she exclaimed, “Today, I am the happiest person on Earth, as I never imagined achieving such an honor, considering my father’s condition.”

Presently, Douglas is the proud owner of his shop, and Abigail has blossomed into a skilled seamstress. She has ambitious plans to establish her own business soon. Douglas’s life has become sustainable, and he has successfully repaid all his loans. He expressed deep gratitude and said, “I am immensely thankful to the Almighty God for bringing Mentors International into my life. May God bless Mentors International. Your impact on us will be forever cherished. Thank you, Mentors International.”

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