Lesbia is a young mother from San José, in Nicaragua.

Lesbia is an optimistic and driven young mother. Filled with hope for a brighter future. Now that her five-year-old daughter is a little more independent, Lesbia felt that now would be a good time to help alleviate some of the financial burdens her family faces.

During her teenage years, she learned how to make aromatic candles. What started as a simple hobby sparked an idea for generating income. She could take care of her daughter and make the candles to sell from home. Lesbia began crafting and selling these candles to her loved ones, hoping to turn her passion into a profitable venture.

However, after a few months, Lesbia realized that the demand for her candles was not as high as she had hoped. Sales were sporadic, and she felt the need to enhance her education. It was during this search for self-improvement that a friend introduced her to Mentors International in Nicaragua. Lesbia made the decision to enroll in a vocational English course offered by Mentors International, which she could conveniently study from home without the need for a babysitter.

During her time with Mentors International, while learning English, Lesbia’s mind was opened to new business possibilities. She yearned to create a venture of her own, one that would allow her to work while still being present for her daughter’s needs.

When Lesbia discovered the small business mentoring program provided by Mentors International, she eagerly requested a professional mentor to guide her on this exciting journey.

In the initial meetings with her mentor, Lesbia passionately shared her dream of owning her own business, specifically focusing on selling shakes and smoothies. Her mentor guided her in transforming this idea into a viable and actionable business plan. Together, they worked through each step of the start-up process, setting goals and accomplishing necessary tasks in the right order.

Lesbia began by transforming their garage space, turning it into a clean and inviting area suitable for running her business. With a well-planned budget in place, she invested in essential equipment such as blenders and purchased the required ingredients. Weeks of unwavering dedication and personal sacrifices followed, leading to the grand opening of her small business. She proudly named it “Menapops.”

With the support of Mentors International and her own unwavering spirit, Lesbia embarked on a new path, embracing the joy of entrepreneurship and creating a brighter future for herself and her family.

“I feel very grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Mentors International business mentoring program. I have learned many important principles. However, the one lesson that helped me the most was helping establish a business plan. This served as a guide as I was working to establish my new business. My mentor kept cheering me on and encouraging me when times were difficult. He is more than just a mentor, he is a valued friend. I thank all the donors who make it possible for these programs to exist that help us become more self-sufficient.” – Lesbia

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