Azara’s daughter is in school and she has hired an additional employee

Today, Azara wears a radiant smile on her face—a striking contrast from the discouraged person we first met. Back then, Azara faced overwhelming challenges—unable to afford her children’s education, struggling with a dilapidated roadside stand, and unable to provide three meals a day for her family.

Fortunately, when Mentors International arrived in her small community of Kpendua, Ghana, Azara found hope. Encouraged by our mentors, she eagerly enrolled in our self-reliance and business mentoring programs, fueled by a deep determination to enhance her family’s circumstances. Azara’s commitment to her transformation was unwavering, attending every lesson with her baby by her side. She diligently applied the teachings on record-keeping, product improvement, promotions, time management, and more, taking decisive action to reshape her business and her life.

In her community, Azara is the only baker and seller doughnuts. She has continuously refined her product under the guidance of her mentor. Introducing enticing new varieties and flavors. Upon completing her training, Azara qualified for a micro-loan of approximately $150 USD, which she wisely invested in her store. Today, alongside her doughnuts, she also sells essential goods, enabling the women in her village to conveniently access necessities close to home.

The transformation Azara has experienced is truly remarkable, both in her business and personal life. Her perseverance, dedication, and receptiveness to mentorship have yielded tremendous results. Witnessing how she applied the mentoring lessons to her business, expanding her product range and attracting new customers, serves as a powerful inspiration. By utilizing the micro-loan to bolster her inventory and diversify her offerings, she has achieved even greater success.

Azara has also embraced practical financial planning, saving for potential future challenges. Her foresight and responsible approach to finances will ensure her family’s resilience in the face of unexpected difficulties. Additionally, by employing a neighbor at her shop, Azara not only creates employment opportunities within her community but also gains precious time to spend with her family and pursue other aspirations.

Enrolling her eldest child in school marks a significant milestone in breaking the cycle of poverty and securing a brighter future. Education serves as a powerful tool for empowerment and upward mobility, and it’s heartening to witness Azara prioritizing her children’s education.

Azara’s story exemplifies the transformative power of education, mentorship, and entrepreneurship. With access to the right resources and guidance, individuals like Azara can reshape their lives and uplift their communities.

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