Class Project: Make their own savings bank

The students enrolled in the Mentoring and Leadership course offered by Mentors International are wholeheartedly dedicated to applying the principles they are learning. They are undergoing a transformation in their mindset and approaching their futures with greater optimism. They know that in order to get successful results, they must put forth a great effort.

As part of a class project, each student has committed to start a savings account. They have set one or more of the following goals:

  1. Establishing a savings fund to enhance their preparedness for unforeseen emergencies.
  2. Commencing savings towards acquiring a specific item or service that will facilitate their personal growth and improve their circumstances.
  3. Initiating savings for investing in their existing business or embarking on a new entrepreneurial venture.

In addition to setting new goals for saving money, they each crafted their own individual and unique piggy banks.

One of the students shared with us, “Until recently, I had not fully understood the connection between the principle of saving and its potential to cultivate self-control and self-discipline. Being able to make our piggy bank was a fun way to start with the principle of saving. Thanks to Mentors International for helping us learn these wonderful principles.”

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