Carla started a side business

For a while, Carla couldn’t have a formal job because of medical issues. She wanted to financially help her support her family.

Carla is determined and creative. She didn’t give up. She started a side business making and selling pinatas. Because of Carla’s artistic abilities, her pinatas were different from the other mass-produced pinatas. Her custom pinatas were a hit.

As Carla’s health started to improve she started another business where she would create artistic candy displays at weddings and birthday parties where guests could come and make their own bags of favorite treats. Carla would customize these candy tables/displays to match the themes of the events.

Wanting to improve her side businesses Carla enrolled in our Sales and Customer Service class. She learned principles of business that she had never thought to apply to her business before. She was able to improve her side businesses and income. She learned how to set and accomplish goals. Most importantly in her classes, she learned how to manage her finances and save for the future.

Carla’s health improved as she was now able to pay for the medicines that she needed Carla got a job as a cosmetics company. Applying the lessons, she learned from her teachers and mentors, Carla quickly advanced in her career. Today she is the Sales and Customer Service Manager. She loves working with others. She is continually mentoring others and encouraging them to set goals and improve their lives, just like her mentors taught her how to do.

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