Sonia is a hairstylist.

Before the pandemic, Sonia worked independently at a market place in her neighborhood cutting hair. Because of government lockdowns, she had to find another place to work.

A friend told her about Mentors International and the courses that they offer. Sonia was excited about the Sales and Customer Service class we offer. Even with lockdowns because our course is offered online she could progress and learn more.

Sonia feels that the sales techniques course has been invaluable. Her communications skills have improved. She has also learned the art of negotiation. She is eager to apply what she has learned to her business to see it prosper.

Sonia took advantage of the quarantine to be closer to her family. She is able to help support her parents and siblings.

Sonia noticed that many of her neighbors wore long hair (not because it was fashionable), but because they were unemployed and could not afford a haircut. She offered them this service at no cost.

“This experience of serving other people is helping me understand that even though we are poor, we have something to give to others and it makes me feel very good.”

Sonia is very grateful to Mentors International for the assistance, encouragement, mentoring, and training she has received. This training has given a new focus to her life and has awakened the desire to improve, to achieve her goals in her business. She is only waiting for the health restrictions to be lifted to apply everything she is learning to her salon.

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