I have realized I have talents, abilities.

As a single mother with two little girls Cristina struggled to provide for her little family. She felt very alone and didn’t know where to turn. That was when a friend told her about Mentors International and all of the classes that they offer. Her friend had completed training from Mentors International and it has really helped improve their life and income. Cristina didn’t have any extra income to pay for her courses, she was really grateful that she could pay for her training by completing community service.

After completing our business and Keystone courses Cristina had the confidence to peruse her dreams and work towards the goals she set during her training.

Cristina expressed: “I arrived at Mentors International with many doubts about this path because I had not felt happy or motivated for months. I was in a state of deep depression. I found no meaning to many things in my life. The Mentoring, business training, and Keystone classes, encouragement, and experiences from my teachers filled my soul. I began to make sense of my life and to overcome my depression.”

“Today I feel energized, with a desire to get ahead and strive for the wellbeing of my family. Now, I look forward to each class, I even have the desire to help other people by sharing the things I am learning. I feel happy and motivated in my temporary progress. I want to expand my business and open more cafeterias in the future. I know I have to persevere. I have realized I have talents, abilities, and that with God’s help I can achieve many goals in this life.” Cristina shared with us.

Starting a New Business

Unfortunately, due to the COVID pandemic, Cristina couldn’t operate her cafeteria or sell food from her home. She continued to attend our online mentoring classes. She started a new business. Cristina is now selling chickens, ducks, and guinea pigs. She has converted her backyard into a corral; she also has a temporary cleaning job.

This new business has helped her to cope with this worldwide economic situation. She is very excited about this new venture. She still has much optimism and hope for the future.

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