Giving Machine Gifts + Business Mentoring = Success

Edith resides in Chiapas, Mexico with her husband Martín and her younger sister Lorena. With the unfortunate loss of her parents, Edith has taken on the responsibility of caring for Lorena, who faces challenges due to a disability hindering her ability to work and walk comfortably.

Through her participation in the Giving Machine program, Edith has been gifted nine chickens, which she now raises and sells butchered meat from. This venture has significantly boosted her income by 113%. Alongside her newfound earnings, Edith has started a savings account. With these financial improvements, Edith finds it easier to meet both her and Lorena’s needs, bringing a sense of security to their lives.

Edith shared with us, “I’m happy and grateful for what I’ve learned from Mentors International. I’ve done what I was taught, now it’s not so hard for me to buy my little sister’s medications.”

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