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Erdania has a passion for knowledge. She attended our Sales and Customer Service Course to help improve her apothecary (pharmacy) business in the Dominican Republic. Our online format allowed Edrania to complete her courses in the evening while running her business and taking care of her four children during the day.

While she was attending this course and working to improve her business Erdania wanted a new logo for her pharmacy. A student in our Graphic Design course volunteered her time and helped design a new logo. This inspired Erdania to enroll in our Graphic Design course next. Still motivated to improve her skills Erdania is now taking our English course.

Everyone who comes into Erdania’s apothecary is greeted with a big smile. She took the principles and skills she learned during her Sales and Customer Service course to heart. Customers are coming back because of the exemptional service. The BIG logo over her apothecary helps new customers find her shop.

Despite all the challenges in her life, Eridania strives to continue learning, improving the situation for her family, and growing her business.

Erdania shared with us:

“Meeting Mentors International has been a great blessing in my life. These mentors and teachers came into my life when I needed them most. The sales and design course helped me with my business, but the Keystone course changed my life. I am so grateful for Mentors International; I will always be there to help them if they need service of me.”

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