Azara has become a mentor and example to others in her community.

Azara was heartbroken when her oldest daughter had to drop out of school. With 7 children both Azar and her husband, Muhammed struggled to regularly pay school fees, and even feed their family three meals a day. Their kids were always in and out of school.

Living in a small village in the northern region of Ghana there are not many opportunities for income. Mohammed worked as a farmer, and Azara sold rice and beans out of their home.

Azara was very excited when Mentors International first started mentoring and teaching in their village. Azara qualified for her first micro-loan after completing her trainings on self-reliance and business success principles. Her first loan was for only $90 USD. She invested this into her business and increased the quantity of rice and beans she boiled and sold from her home.

After six months Azara had paid back her loan and had saved $35 USD. She then wanted to expand her business and took out a second loan of only $145 USD. Azara added fried fish to her menu. Azara and Muhammed also build a small shaded area so that her customers could sit and enjoy their meals.

Today, six of her seven children are back in school. They are able to eat three nutritious meals each day. Her oldest Kusumi didn’t go back, but she attended all of the business classes with Azara, and she is now her partner at their small food stand.

Together they are growing and improving their business step, by step. Word is spreading and business is booming. They just hired another employee to help keep up demand. Azara and Kusumi want to add the sale of non-alcoholic drinks and pastries to their menu.

Now Azara’s savings have increased to $85. She shared with us, “I am so happy that Mentors International came to my village. The lessons I have learned have blessed my family’s life. We are so happy.

Her mentor Rembert said that Azara is adhering to the business principles that she has been taught. She has always been punctual to their training classes and meetings. She has proven to be hardworking and trustworthy. Azara has become a mentor and example to others in her community. He looks forward to continuing to mentor her and Kusumi.

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