Running Her Own Dental Clinic

“Mentors International and my Mentor Carlos marked a significant start for my progress as a person, professional, and entrepreneur.” – Maria from Nicaragua.

Maria lives in Managua, Nicaragua, with her husband and son. Maria graduated as a dentist from the Autonomous University of Nicaragua. She has always tried to be self-sufficient. Maria had worked in some private clinics but wanted her own space. In addition, Maria wanted to be able to serve and help more of her friends and neighbors.

When she started, her clinic Maria and her husband saved to purchase her instruments and tools. They invested any profits back into the business, but they were struggling. Then, one of her patients told her about Mentors International and the business mentoring they provide.

Maria was excited to learn more. She looked forward to the mentoring visits. She knew how to be a dentist and help take care of teeth, but she didn’t know how to run a business properly.

Maria also enrolled in Mentors International’s digital marketing course. She has put these lessons into practice. Maria learned to keep proper accounting and track her expenses and income to ensure her business made a profit. She designed a new logo for her business. She can share her business through Facebook and WhatsApp more of the services she provides.

She is starting to get more customers. In 6 months since first beginning to learn from her Mentors, Carlos, she has doubled her income, and today she is making around $600 a month. She is looking to hire an assistant to help with the increased business.

Maria wants to share her profound gratitude for her Mentor Carlos, and Mentors International, which makes these programs possible. “This organization changes lives. I tell everyone I meet about Mentors International and how they are helping people improve the quality of their lives.

Carlos: “When I met Dr. Hernandez, she had a good business idea and a vision for growth, but she lacked business knowledge and best practices. Her effort and discipline led her to achieve success.

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