Wendy Opens a Lunch Service

Wendy ran a small lunch table at the school by her home. Sadly, the school decided to discontinue letting businesses sell items from tables in the cafeteria, leaving Wendy feeling disheartened and lost.

Despite the setback, Wendy’s daughter offered a glimmer of hope by suggesting they set up a table in front of their grandmother’s home, which proved to be a perfect solution. This was a prime location on a busy street. With the encouragement and support of her mentor, Wendy improved her menu and created signs to advertise her on-the-go lunches.

Through her hard work and perseverance, Wendy has seen great success in her business, tripling her income in just two short months. Her daughter now happily lends a hand after school, adding to the family’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Wendy is grateful for the support of Mentors International, as they have played a crucial role in keeping her business afloat. Her dream is to one day have her own restaurant with tables and a large kitchen, and she is determined to make it happen.

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