A powerful change occurs when you give someone a chance.

People in developing countries take pride when they realize they can end poverty through their own initiative. They improve not only their own lives, but in a widening circle of impact, the lives of their families, their communities, and their nations.

Mentors International’s clients move from everyday survival to planning for the future. They improve their businesses as well as their families’ entire socioeconomic standing. Their children eat better, live in improved housing conditions, receive better healthcare, and attend school.

When educated, children, prepare themselves for the future. They make better family planning choices. They are more equipped to prevent the spread of disease and to combat poverty.

Mentors International’s clients get involved in their communities. They gain confidence and leadership skills to educate and help others living in poverty. This promotes economic growth and development.

The ripple effect knows no boundaries.

For each person who runs a business that generates a sustaining income, an average of at least five others receive food, clothing, shelter, and education. Eventually, the positive impact of one person can lift an entire community.

Pictured above is Ms. Vilma Lumanas. She sells friend bananas. She is very excited because she is able to afford to build a new home, more secure home for her and her family.  If you ask Vilma what she is most proud of, it is now her new home, it is not her successful business. It is the fact that her two daughters have graduated from college. A dream come true thanks to her partnership with Mentors Philippines.

Help us Transform Generational Poverty
into Sustainable Self-Reliance

Through our proven programs of personal and business development, each $1 donated creates $5 of economic impact in developing countries where we serve.

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