The Success of Abraham Nunez from Honduras

“It has taken many years. When the hurricane destroyed my home I never would have dreamed that one day I would own a home this beautiful. I have run a successful business and I am able to provide better for my family. I owe this success to Mentors Honduras. They gave me training and a better understanding of how to run my business. They put their trust in me and gave me a loan when no other financial institution would help me. God bless Mentors Honduras and those who make it possible for them to help those in my country.”

In 1998 Abraham Nunez became homeless due to the destruction of Hurricane Mitch. Seven years later in 2005, the Honduras government and the Red Cross of Spain granted land in a safer area for Abraham and other hurricane victims to live. They were also given help with materials to build a new home.

Abraham divided his time between work and building his new home. He wanted more than just the basics he was given for his home. He knew that he needed his business to grow in order to afford the building improvements on his home. He approached Mentors Honduras and was able to receive training and a small loan to help him grow his business.

Since 2012, Abraham has received and repaid back several loans through Mentors Honduras. His business has increased and he has been able to make his home what he dreamed of. He has protected the windows, built a porch, and polished the walls. He installed a perimeter fence to help keep his family safer. Abraham’s house value has gone from $8,000 USD to $14,500 USD due to the improvements he has been able to make.

Abraham exclaimed,” Mentors Honduras is great! They have helped me in all aspects of my life. They gave me the opportunity to improve. I speak about Mentors Honduras to everybody. I have learned so much in my training sessions. I have learned to manage by businesses profits and to be responsible with my spending. I have learned to never get “over-debt” and I now have a savings account.  Mentors Honduras is a great solution!”

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