“Thank you to those that have resources that give to those of us that do not.”

“My father and I had a vision of the business, but I wanted to bring our business to the digital age, and we worked to sell our products online. Thanks to the Graphic Design course I took from Mentors International, and more especially with the help from my teacher Allan, we were successful. We were able to improve the income of our business during the pandemic and this overly complicated year. Allan is the best teacher I have ever had in Graphic Design. It was a positive experience for me to take the class from Mentors International.

Before, because of the pandemic, we were not generating much money with our business. Now our income has improved by focusing on the digital part. Our sales have increased by over 200% and my business income is almost double what we generated before. I am producing advertising campaigns with what I learned, and we are becoming more recognized. We are attending exhibitions and people are getting to know us through social networks.

I am infinitely grateful for the opportunity Mentors International gave to me to learn and to continue to grow. Thank you to those that have resources that give to those of us that do not.  I also learned so much by serving others to help with my education. I know it is important to help other human beings and there is satisfaction in serving others more than ourselves.

I know that success is obtained by serving others and that God does not abandon us. I will continue to work hard and grow our business. Thank you Mentors International.” –  Adis from Honduras

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