The Success of Adumo from Ghana

“I have the desire to become a great and successful businessman. My mentors have taught me the skills I need to truly succeed. I thank God that he brought Mentors Ghana to Abomosu.” – Adumo (Pictured on the far right)

Adumo is a young and innovative entrepreneur from Abomosu, Ghana. He has been working with Mentors Ghana for about two and a half years. He is currently working on paying back his third loan. With each loan he has been able to invest in and grow his enterprises. He started with a very small plumbing supply store. With the mentoring and training from Mentors Ghana he was able to better understand retail, inventory, record keeping and profit margin. He has been able to improve his supply chain and he now purchases supplies at a lower cost from more reliable suppliers. He has expanded his shop and now he sells out of a large container store in the center of town.

Because of his growing plumbing business, he was able to hire one additional employee. Now two families are enjoying the benefits of a steady income.

Adumo still had many ideas for other businesses he wanted to start. He worked with his mentors and he applied for another loan and opened a mobile money shop across the street from his plumbing supplies shop. Adumo’s mentors are very impressed with how well Adumo applies what he has learned in his business classes to his retail shops. Adumo credits the teaching from Mentors Ghana for his success.

“Before I learned about Mentors Ghana my shop was very small. I didn’t have the help from the micro-loan to bring items in that my customers needed. I am now using my third loan to build another retail shop across town with my nephew. I plan on selling dried fishes from this shop. Thank you Mentors Ghana for helping me and my family move forward in life.”

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