The Success of Alejandra Noa Palomino from Peru

Many people might think that Alejandra is too old to start a business at the age of fifty-seven, but she is quick to prove them wrong with her enthusiasm and dedication. Since she was young, she dreamed of a better future than what seemed to lie ahead.

Alejandra Noa Palomino manages her own poultry stand in the Virgen del Carmen Market in the district of Ate Vitarte, Peru. Thanks to the financial literacy classes from Mentors Peru, not only has she grown and invested in her business, but she now owns a home in the same district.

Like many migrant workers who come from the rural villages to the city, Alejandra had to work since she was about fifteen years old. When she was twenty-seven she met, fell in love, and married Beteta, a local orange juice salesman. Together they have a daughter named Liana.

Alejandra was introduced to Mentors Peru on the recommendation of her colleagues from the market.  As she attended classes, met with other students and the mentors, she realized it was not too late to realize her dreams.  Alejandra wanted to invest in her retail business. She was able to receive a loan of about $165 USD and purchased chickens that she could sell for their meat.

Since her first loan, Alejandra has increased her inventory and sales. Her business continues to grow as well as her income. “I had many dreams that I wanted to fulfill, such as having a house of my own, and a sales position of my own, and I was able to achieve it. My daughter is able to go to school. She is studying tourism. Dreams are fulfilled with effort and dedication. I am grateful to Mentors Peru for showing me the way.”

Meeting with Alejandra you can tell right away that she has become a savvy business women and an example to her daughter. We are grateful to work with such dedicated mother and entrepreneur.

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