A Better Job Opportunity

Alejandro is a smart young man from Guatemala. He worked for a company that would renew his contract on an annual basis.

Alejandro found out about Mentors International and their vocational classes offered in Guatemala. Alejandro enrolled in the Excel Business class. He attended the courses in the evenings after work. After completing the class Alejandro quickly gained new employment using his new skills. The tests he needed to pass to be hired were remarkably similar to the tests he took in his Excel course. His employers were impressed at how quickly and effectively he could learn.

Alejandro found out that about a month after his new employment began, more than half the staff at his previous job were laid off due to the pandemic. He expressed his gratitude to Mentors International. “This course helped me in the recruitment process, as I had to solve exercises like those in the class.  The Excel course has totally changed my life. I am grateful to have employment.”

The vocational courses offered by Mentors International help individuals qualify for jobs with greater security and higher wages. These vocational courses are in addition to the entrepreneurial and business development courses. Learn more.

Alejandro’s teacher and mentor Leonel said, “It fills me with great satisfaction that my best student has managed to change his life in such a short time. He is soon to be married and without a doubt, this opportunity changes Alejandro’s life on a personal level and soon that of his own family.”

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